Karpsichord - A Karplus-Strong synthesis virtual harpsichord

Open this page with a recent Google Chrome browser and try playing something through your midi keyboard. Click anywhere in the page if sound doesn't start.

On linux you may need to do `aconnect -o` to get the output port, `aconnect -i` to get your midi keyboard input port and then `aconnect in out` to link them together.

The virtual keyboard bellow has 61 keys ranging C2-C7. You can play it using a mouse.

This DSP is available under the GPLv3 open source software license. The source code is available at https://github.com/spaskalev/karpsichord.

Tuning is currently based on Werckmeister III.


To play with a PC keyboard check the diagram bellow. An ANSI keyboard gives a limited range of four octaves.

Think of the keyboard left slant lines as strings with frets. Each successive line is a major third above.

The F-keys row duplicates the lowest row, starting from the first C. This allows diads/triads to be played on the digit row with the same shape as the other rows.

This an isomorphic keyboard layout, which means that shapes are movable across it while preserving their intervals.
Take for example C major (C-E-G) on the x, c and f keyboards keys. This shape can be moved to play a major chord anywhere on a keyboard.
Diminished, minor, major and augmented forms are just rotations across the root.